Anything about Anyplace.

This is a website where anyone can add anything about anyplace anywhere in the world. A website that will bring you fascinating and perhaps unique information about specific locations all over the world.

On cyberplaque.com, you decide what is interesting. If you think there oughta be a plaque, you get to create it!

Humanity has been around long enough for something interesting to have happened just about everywhere. By contributing to cyberplaque.com you are helping to create a historical 4-D map of the world because you are adding the time element to every spot on the globe.

There may be something remarkable about a place that most people have forgotten but you have not. This is your chance to add it to the historical record.

Or, there could be a place with some history that goes unnoticed as people pass by it everyday.

It could be the childhood home of a person who became famous, or the site of a concert by a once unknown performer who later made it big. It could be a battlefield that is now a parking lot, or a restaurant wine cellar that was once part of the Underground Railroad.

One of the incidents that led to the creation of cyberplaque.com was the refusal of the City of Philadelphia to permit a historical plaque for the building where Charles Bukowski had lived. Such wrongheadedness can be undone on cyberplaque.com.

So, create your own plaque in the cyber world at cyberplaque.com.

Try to provide enough information or sources to be credible.

And most of all, HAVE FUN!

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