Factory where Bruce Springsteen's dad worked; in "My Hometown"

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Rug Mill Towers
40 Jackson Street 30-40 Jackson Street
Freehold, NJ 07728
United States
40° 15' 39.9924" N, 74° 16' 5.0124" W


Bruce Springsteen's father worked here in the A&M Karagheusian Rug Mill, from 1941 to 1943. See, for ex., "Bruce," by Peter Ames Carlin, at p. 3. The building is now a senior living apartment tower, called variously Rug Mill and Rugmill. There is quite a bit about it on the Web, including that it is the "textile mill" in Springsteen's song, "My Hometown."

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In "Born to Run," the Springsteen autobiography, at p. 6, Bruce writes, "Time passed; my father quit school at sixteen, working as a floor boy in the Karagheusian Rug Mill, a clanging factory of looms and deafening machinery that stretched across both sides of Center Street in a part of town called "Texas."

Also in the "Born to Run" Springsteen biography, at pp. 402-403, Mr. Springsteen describes factories such as this one disappearing from America. He writes, "My dad had worked on the floor there when I was a kid; my musical life and the Castiles had been born not fifty yards from its belching smokestacks and clacking looms."

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