Country Greats Played This Picnic Grove - Sunset Park

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Lawrence Waltman Farm
102 S. Jennersville Rd.
West Grove , PA 19390
United States
39° 49' 24.6216" N, 75° 52' 15.6252" W


There were two picnic groves, New River Ranch in Rising Sun, MD, and Sunset Park in nearby West Grove, PA, where the biggest names in country and roots music had played, ex., Eddie Arnold, Minnie Pearl, George Jones, Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash, Hank Williams, Sr., Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs. Jerry Garcia visited Sunset Park and picked up a lot of things that went into Grateful Dead music. I had read about these places years ago, and they were in fact an impetus for starting Cyber Plaque, to mark these great sites on the Web, but I lost the article and could not remember the locations. George Jones died a few days ago [first posting herein was 4/29/13, but it got erased accidentally], and there was an obituary in this weekend's Wall Street Journal that mentioned both places. That led me to the article where I first heard of them, at, a Philadelphia Weekly article of 10/31/01. There is quite a bit on the Web about the two parks and the tapes of performances at them that are being mined and archived. I believe that New River was hopping in the 50's and early 60's, and Sunset was open into the 90s. If I have the addresses wrong or this information is inaccurate, please comment below with corrections.

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I see this article on the Web, which may have been what I had seen way back when, because I remember wanting to visit while Sunset Park was still operating, but alas, never had the chance,

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