A house where Bruce Springsteen grew up was here.

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St. Rose of Lima Parking Lot
87 Randolph Street
Freedhold, NJ 07728
United States
40° 15' 22.9824" N, 74° 16' 30.7236" W


A house built in 1858 was here until it was knocked down in 1962 and the property is now part of the back parking lot of the church. Bruce Springsteen's paternal grandparents lived here as did his dad, and later Bruce spent some time here as a child. There is a beech tree from Kildare, Ireland, planted by his grandparents' family, that may still be there. This address is on his birth certificate, although it was not really his first home. This information is from the first chapter of the wonderful "Bruce," by Peter Ames Carlin. But there is a lot about it on the Web.

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Sun, 07/20/2014 - 20:51


See "Born to Run," the Springsteen autobiography, at p. 9. In the same book, at p. 12, it appears that the house that is now a parking lot was at 68 South St.

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