A good cheesesteak in Chicago? - Jersey Mike's

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Jersey Mike's Subs
203 E. Ohio Street
Chicago, IL 60611
United States
41° 53' 32.7516" N, 87° 37' 20.2728" W


I arrived in Chicago for a convention last week and was wandering around on a rainy evening looking for some fast food. I saw a Jimmy John's, which I really like, but two doors down was Jersey Mike's. Being from Philly, I did not expect to find a good cheesesteak but thought I'd give it a try. I had the Chipotle Cheesesteak (grilled onions, peppers, chipotle mayo), and it was really good on a really good roll! The place looked and felt a lot like Jimmy John's, even with the loud music. It had a Point Pleasant, NJ, seashore theme, with a blow-up of a Point Pleasant postcard on the wall. Ironically, when I went back to my room and turned on the TV, there was a news report on the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy in Point Pleasant, NJ. ... So, I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of this cheesesteak, and the chipotle mayo was a nice touch. Someday I hope to try the subs (what we call hoagies in Philly). ... A Jimmy John's just came to my area, but it is still a bit of hike away from me. I would not mind having a Jersey Mike's where I live. ... By the way, a colleague and I tried the Thai place across the street and it was pretty good.

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Sat, 11/17/2012 - 20:58


I just read in the Philadelphia Business Journal that Jersey Mike's is opening in 30th Street Station in Philadelphia (and at the airports in Newark and Las Vegas). I hope to see more of its stores around the Philly area.

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