Springsteen's grade school, where he gave a concert.

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St. Rose of Lima
51 Lincoln Place
Freehold, NJ 07728
United States
40° 15' 19.818" N, 74° 16' 27.7428" W


Bruce Springsteen went to elementary school here, and his experiences, he recounts, colored his world view. On 11-8-96, he performed a solo show here just for locals.

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Bruce Springsteen played here when he was with the Castiles in April 1967, for a Catholic Youth Organization show. He added flash "by rigging the stage with a strobe light, smoke bombs, and more. ... When the smoke cleared, Bruce climbed on top of his amplifier and used his guitar to smash a specially purchased vase of flowers into petal-strewn rubble. ... [h]is eighth-grade geometry teacher came up and patted him on the back. 'Bruce!,' he proclaimed, 'that was very nice.'" All of this comment is from Bruce, by Peter Ames Carlin, at pp. 36-37.

The house where Bruce Springsteen spent some time growing up is now part of the parking lot for St. Rose of Lima, at the rear address of 87 Randolph Street, which is on Cyber Plaque.

Mr. Springsteen gave an erotic speech during this concert as the introduction to "Red Headed Woman," which was raunchy enough to cause the pastor to walk out. An account is in "Bruce" by Peter Ames Carlin, at pp. 388-390. Does not sound appropriate, but then, I suppose that is what artists do, challenge perceptions, acceptability, hypocrisy, etc. ... Springsteen's father, Doug, died on 4/26/98. He was laid out in Freeman Funeral Home, and the funeral was at St. Rose of Lima. See "Bruce" at p. 398.

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