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Subject Statesort ascending City
The late Kurt Cobain of Nirvana had lived here. Washington Seattle
Kurt Cobain lived here in Olympia. Washington Olympia
Kurt Cobain grew up in this house. Washington Aberdeen
Kurt Cobain worked at this restaurant. Washington Grayland
Kurt Cobain's Elementary School Washington Aberdeen
Kurt Cobain's High School, Employer Washington Aberdeen
Krist Novoselic of Nirvana Lived Here Washington Aberdeen
Motel where Kurt Cobain would go to escape. Washington Seattle
The late Kurt Cobain lived here with his wife, Courtney Love Washington Seattle
Kurt Cobain hung out in this tavern. Washington Olympia
Kurt Cobain was born in this hospital. Washington Aberdeen
Kurt Cobain Arrested for Graffiti on Wall Here, July 23, 1985 Washington Aberdeen
Kurt Cobain's Second Elementary School Washington Montesano
Kurt Cobain lived here in 1985. Washington Aberdeen
Kurt Cobain lived here in 1986. Washington Aberdeen
Kurt Cobain's body was found here, in his home. Washington Seattle
Kurt Cobain lived here with his father. Washington Montesano
Kurt Cobain's First Home Washington Hoquiam
Kurt Cobain Practiced Here, Mid-1980s Washington Aberdeen
Kurt Cobain Got His First Guitar Here Washington Aberdeen
Kurt Cobain lived here in fall 1985. Washington Aberdeen
Kurt Cobain was a maintenance man here. Washington Ocean Shores
Kurt Cobain of Nirvana had lived here. Washington Seattle
Kurt Cobain lived here with his grandfather. Washington Montesano
Kurt Cobain's Father Worked at Chevron Station that Existed on this Park Site Washington Hoaquim
Park Memorializes Kurt Cobain Near His Childhood Home Washington Aberdeen
Kurt Cobain Spent a Lot of Time at this House Washington Aberdeen
Kurt Cobain Arrested for Trespassing Here Washington Aberdeen
Janis Joplin and Kree Harrison Born Here Texas Port Arthur
Best Record Store in Montgomery County, PA? Pennsylvania Jeffersonville
Holmesburg Prison - Redbone, and "Up Close and Personal" Pennsylvania Philadelphia
Woolworth's was here, great place to buy records. Pennsylvania Philadelphia
Second Fret Coffeehouse was here - Philly Pennsylvania Philadelphia
Virtue Recording Studios Were Here Pennsylvania Philadelphia
The Clash stayed here in 1979! Pennsylvania Philadelphia
Otis Redding, James Brown, played at this club - Philly Pennsylvania Philadelphia
Husker Du Played in this Rowhouse Basement Pennsylvania Philadelphia
Billy Synth's Tragik Records was here. Pennsylvania Harrisburg
Mashed Potato dance originated here. Pennsylvania Upper Darby
The Trauma - Philadelphia Rock Club in the 60s Pennsylvania Philadelphia
"You can't get to heaven, on the Frankford El ..." Pennsylvania Philadelphia
Stars - Second and Bainbridge, had some top acts appear. Pennsylvania Philadelphia
Bruce Springsteen & Max Clinch were photographed here. Pennsylvania Asbury Park
The 2nd of Autumn (Philly) rock club was here. (Velvets performed here.) Pennsylvania Philadelphia
Chubby Checker grew up here - So. Philly Pennsylvania Philadelphia
Site of an early show by The Police - Grendel's Lair Pennsylvania Philadelphia
Revello's Pizza: Hillary yes, Ozzy sort of, best porketta sandwich. Pennsylvania Old Forge
Sigma Sound (Bowie recorded; Springsteen visited him.) Pennsylvania Philadelphia
Springsteen use turntable here to play Born to Run acetate? [Quite possibly.] Pennsylvania Kutztown
Cameo-Parkway Records started in basement here. Pennsylvania Philadelphia


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