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Subject Statesort descending City
David Bowie worked as a paralegal here. London
David Bowie worked here at 16. London
Bill Haley had house band here, Pre-Comets Gloucester
Where B.B. King named "Lucille," his guitar. Arkansas Twist
Church: Linda Ronstadt, Paul Simon Arizona Tucson
Sharona from My Sharona pop hit owns this real estate agency. California West Hollywood
Where Janis Joplin Died California Los Angeles
Singer Margaret Whiting grew up here. California Los Angeles
Singer Margaret Whiting had grown up here. California Los Angeles
Bobby Fuller lived, and died, here. California Hollywood
Graham Nash had breakfast here just before writing Our House. California Studio City
Hospital where Maurice Gibbs passed away (Bee Gees) Florida Miami Beach
Stones' "Satisfaction" Riff, Lyrics, Created Here Florida Clearwater
Country Greats Played Here - New River Ranch Maryland Rising Sun
First Rock Song Written Here; Bessie Smith Died Here Mississippi Clarksdale
Frank Sinatra's Birthplace New Jersey Hoboken
City Gardens rock and roll club was here; Jon Stewart worked as bartender; REM song written here. New Jersey Trenton
High School of Mr. Cool Himself, Ben Vaughn New Jersey Audubon
Springsteen song about this Whole Foods store? New Jersey Red Bank
Springsteen saw his first rock concert here. New Jersey Atlantic City
Pop Singer Billy Harner Founded This Barber Shop ("Sally Sayin' Somethin'") New Jersey Westmont
Brandy (You're A Fine Girl) based on spinster buried in parking lot? New Jersey New Brunswick
Latin Casino was here (2nd generation). Also, Emerald City. New Jersey Cherry Hill
Atlantic City Pop Festival, August 1969 New Jersey Mays Landing
The Police, Ramones, in Browns Mills, NJ New Jersey Browns Mills
There's a Small Hotel was written about this inn. New Jersey Stockton
Frankie Valli grew up in this housing project. New Jersey Newark
Cream, Credence Clearwater Revival played here, Cherry Hill, NJ New Jersey Cherry Hill
Site of Funk Star Rick James' Funeral Service New York Buffalo
David Bowie had lived here. New York New York
David Bowie liked to buy books here. New York New York
Ramones Debut Album Recorded Here New York New York
Sting album named after this intersection. New York New York
Paul McCartney has a home here. New York New York
Taylor Swift's townhouse was here. New York New York
Method Man and U-God worked at Statue of Liberty New York New York
The late David Bowie had lived here. New York New York
David Bowie liked breakfast here. New York New Yrok
David Bowie bought records here - site of Bleeker Bob's (closed) New York New York
Mark Anthony & Jennifer Lopez lived here. New York Brookville
Songwriter Laura Nyro lived here. New York New York
Cover of "Ramones" LP Shot Here New York New York
Howard Stern Grew Up Here New York Roosevelt
Paul Simon grew up here. New York Queens
David Bowie would shop here. New York New York
David Bowie lived here 1992-2002. New York New York
David Bowie bought art supplies here. New York Woodstock
The Ramones Loved the Pizza Here - Totonno's (Also, Bush 41 & 43, the Shangri-Las) New York Coney Island
Heliport was here during New York World's Fair, Beatles landed here, Madonna worked here. New York Flushing
Pop Star Madonna Had Lived Here New York New York


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