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Subject Statesort descending City
Bill Haley had house band here, Pre-Comets Gloucester
Talkeetna Roadhouse (AK) - on Man vs. Food Alaska Talkeetna
Where B.B. King named "Lucille," his guitar. Arkansas Twist
Linda Ronstadt's dad ran a hardware store here. Arizona Tucson
Pee-wee Herman's favorite Walgreens. California Los Angeles
City in Pete Seeger's "Little Boxes" California Westlake
Best Record Store in California California Laguna Beach
Most Famous Tower Records Was Here California West Hollywood
Dennis Hopper lived here in the Hollywood Hills California Los Angeles
Boyhood Home of R. Crumb Iowa Ames
Country Greats Played Here - New River Ranch Maryland Rising Sun
The Mary Tyler Moore House Minnesota Minneapolis
First Drive-In Movie Theater New Jersey Pennsauken Township
Greasy Lake in Springsteen Song Here? - 2 of 2 New Jersey Lakewood Township
Henry Rollins liked this diner, near Trenton, NJ. New Jersey Lawrence Township
Michael Landon Bronze Plaque Removed New Jersey Collingswood
Drive-in Movie Invented and Tested Here New Jersey Riverton
Springsteen song about this Whole Foods store? New Jersey Red Bank
Pinball for sale at Golden Nugget - Lambertville New Jersey Lambertville
Tube Bar, akin to Moe's Bar on The Simpsons, was here. New Jersey Jersey City
Bruce Springsteen met Janis Joplin here, escaped her grip. New Jersey Asbury Park
A Pinball Palace in Asbury Park New Jersey Asbury Park
Greasy Lake in Springsteen Song Here? - 1 of 2 New Jersey Freehold Township
Regent Sound Studios recorded the hits here. New York New York
Lou Reed Waited for the Man Here New York New York
Where Dondi's Artist Eats Dinner New York New York
Site of Andy Warhol's Original "The Factory" New York New York
John Lennon wrote Imagine here. New York New York
J.D. Salinger had lived here. New York New York
Birthplace of Hip Hop New York Bronx
David Bowie had lived here. New York New York
Mark Anthony & Jennifer Lopez lived here. New York Brookville
Angela Mao, the female Bruce Lee, owns this restaurant. New York Flushing
Gerde's Folk City - Dylan's Professional Debut New York New York
Famed collector Alex Shear died here. New York New York
There was a Saturday Night Live cast after-party here. New York New York
Method Man and U-God worked at Statue of Liberty New York New York
"Law and Order" had filmed here. New York New York
Monk's Cafe from Seinfeld New York New York
The Ramones Loved the Pizza Here - Totonno's (Also, Bush 41 & 43, the Shangri-Las) New York Coney Island
John Lennon was photographed here - Untermyer Park New York Yonkers
The late David Bowie had lived here. New York New York
Ramones Debut Album Recorded Here New York New York
Shirley W. Liebowitz lived here. New York New York
Marilyn Monroe's Seven Year Itch Apartment New York New York
Where Punk Rock's Godfathers Encountered "Punks" New York New York
Early Hip-Hop Downstairs Here, 1981(Club Negril) New York New York
Diane Arbus' family owned department store here. New York New York
Bob Dylan Lived Here New York New York
Bob Dylan wrote Blowin' in the Wind here (it is believed). New York New York


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