Legends (unverifiable popular stories), Folk Tales

Subject Statesort descending City
Where B.B. King named "Lucille," his guitar. Arkansas Twist
Stones' "Satisfaction" Riff, Lyrics, Created Here Florida Clearwater
Babe Ruth's House (and curse lifted?) Massachusetts Sudbury
Greasy Lake in Springsteen Song Here? - 1 of 2 New Jersey Freehold Township
Brandy (You're A Fine Girl) based on spinster buried in parking lot? New Jersey New Brunswick
Greasy Lake in Springsteen Song Here? - 2 of 2 New Jersey Lakewood Township
Round Valley Reservoir - the "New Jersey Triangle"? New Jersey Lebanon
Kitty Johnson allegedly had a brothel here, 1800s. New Jersey Burlington
Mysterious Woodbridge Figures Originated Here New Jersey Woodbridge
Jersey Devil Sighting - Ferry Road, Camden New Jersey Camden
Race car buried since 1930s in backyard of home? New Jersey Flemington
Springsteen song about this Whole Foods store? New Jersey Red Bank
Where Punk Rock's Godfathers Encountered "Punks" New York New York
Mass Grave from Revolutionary War Here? New York Brooklyn
Hotel Where NBA Players Stay Is Haunted (?) Oklahoma Oklahoma City
Trough under the bar, U.S. Hotel Bar & Grill, Manayunk Pennsylvania Philadelphia
Billy Penn's Hat Again Highest Point in Philly? - Yes! Pennsylvania Philadelphia
Underground tunnels at Neshaminy State Park? [Underground Railroad - Black Alice?, See Comments] Pennsylvania Bensalem
Villa Joseph Marie, a stop on the Underground Railroad? Pennsylvania Holland
Crash Test Dummy Decapitated at Knoebels? (No.) Pennsylvania Elysburg
Grist Mill and George Washington's Army Pennsylvania Harleysville
Babe Ruth Hit A Home Run To Here, Out of Shibe Park Pennsylvania Philadelphia
Real Life "God's Pocket" Incident Was Here, in The Devil's Pocket Pennsylvania Philadelphia
Was Jimmy Hoffa hit ordered here? Pennsylvania Old Forge
Never-used subway station below this intersection? Pennsylvania Philadelphia
Indian Caverns of Pennsylvania - Native American History Pennsylvania Spruce Creek
Springsteen threw Born to Run acetate into motel pool here. Pennsylvania Kutztown
Springsteen use turntable here to play Born to Run acetate? [Maybe not.] Pennsylvania Kutztown
Did the hoagie originate here? Pennsylvania Philadelphia
Springsteen use turntable here to play Born to Run acetate? [Quite possibly.] Pennsylvania Kutztown
Did the Beatles sleep on the floor here in 1964? Pennsylvania Narberth
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