Intersections, Corners

Subject Statesort descending City
Damon Grimes, 15, died in police chase here. Michigan Detroit
Trenton Teen Radazz Hearns Shot by Police Here New Jersey Trenton
Jerame Reid was shot here. New Jersey Bridgeton
Lou Reed and John Cale had busked here. New York New York
Lou Reed Waited for the Man Here New York New York
Apology Corner - near Museum of Natural History, NY New York New York
Amy Winehouse's "Rehab" Originated Here New York New York
Sting album named after this intersection. New York New York
Ron Gallo song inspired by this corner. Pennsylvania Philadelphia
Couple became engaged in middle of Chestnut Hill intersection. Pennsylvania Philadelphia
Most Dangerous Intersection in America Pennsylvania Bensalem
Nathan Ackison was murdered here. Pennsylvania Philadelphia
Old-Timey Irish-American Bar Pennsylvania Philadelphia
Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band slept in a van here. Pennsylvania Philadelphia
Bruce Springsteen & Max Clinch were photographed here. Pennsylvania Asbury Park
Bad injury when teens threw rocks from overpass. Pennsylvania New Columbia
Gansta Rap originated here (via Schoolly D) Pennsylvania Philadelphia
Toll House on Bristol Pike Pennsylvania Bensalem
Site of 1887 Murder - Hannah Mary Tabbs Story Pennsylvania Philadelphia
Old Jail Once Occupied "Suit Corner" Pennsylvania Philadelphia
Never-used subway station below this intersection? Pennsylvania Philadelphia
Site of Fatal Auto Crash of Dr. Albert C. Barnes Pennsylvania East Whiteland
Old Philly Street Gang, Tenderlines, would meet here. Pennsylvania Philadelphia
Slow-Mo song mentions this corner. Pennsylvania Philadelphia
Streamline Moderne Style - Bernicker Motors Building Pennsylvania Philadelphia
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