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Subjectsort descending State City
"Making the Bus Monitor Cry" video - Athena Middle School (& Bush 43 visited here) New York Rochester
"Our Town" Inspired by Wedding in This Home New Jersey Moorestown
1904 World's Fair Grand Prize for Tiles - H. C. Mercer Pennsylvania Doylestown
2 Popes Visited Here - Cardinal's Mansion Pennsylvania Philadelphia
778 Park Avenue New York New York
A Bar A Ranch appears in New York Times article on Nabokov. Wyoming Encampment
A Diner Where Presidents Have Eaten Pennsylvania Philadelphia
A Saint Prayed at this Philly-area Church Pennsylvania Overbrook
Airport Where Patsy Cline Ate Her Last Meal Tennessee Dyersburg
Amelia Earhart broke record in Horsham, PA Pennsylvania Horsham
Andy Warhol's Andy-Mat? New York New York
Andy Warhol's New Hope, PA, Home Pennsylvania New Hope
Andy Warhol's Union Square Factory New York New York
Arthur Miller lived here. (& it was a stop on the Underground Railroad) New York Brooklyn
Astronaut Christopher Ferguson's High School Pennsylvania Philadelphia
Babe Ruth Hit A Home Run To Here, Out of Shibe Park Pennsylvania Philadelphia
Babe Ruth once lived at what is now center field at Camden Yards. Maryland Baltimore
Babe Ruth played for a church team here - Kensington Neighborhood, Philadelphia Pennsylvania Philadelphia
Babe Ruth was married here, in Oct. 1914. Maryland Ellicott City
Babe Ruth's First House Maryland Baltimore Ave.
Babe Ruth's Second House Maryland Baltimore
Bell Tower at Our Lady of Czestochowa; St. John Paul II was here. Pennsylvania Doylestown
Big Band Paradise - Sunnybrook Ballroom, Pottstown, PA Pennsylvania Pottstown
Bill Clinton ate at this soul food diner in West Philly. Pennsylvania Philadelphia
Bill Clinton spoke here. Pennsylvania Blue Bell
Bing Crosby, John DeLorean, lived here. New York New York
Birdland Music - owned by Charlie Parker's Son Pennsylvania Lansdale
Bob Dylan Lived Here New York New York
Bob Dylan lived here, 1961-63 New York New York
Bob Dylan wrote Blowin' in the Wind here (it is believed). New York New York
Bob Dylan's First Philadelphia Appearance Pennsylvania Philadelphia
Boies "Big Grizzly" Penrose grew up here. Pennsylvania Philadelphia
Boyhood Home of R. Crumb Iowa Ames
Bredenbeck's in Chestnut Hill - Elton John and Bon Jovi Were Here Pennsylvania Philadelphia
Brooke Shields Lived Here New York New York
Brown Palace Hotel - Beatles Stayed Here Colorado Denver
Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band slept in a van here. Pennsylvania Philadelphia
Capitol Fishing Tackle Co. (Patti Smith/ Robert Mapplethorpe) New York New York
Charles Bukowski Drank Here Pennsylvania Philadelphia
Charlie's in Minot in New York Times Article, Eisenhower Ate Here North Dakota Minot
Crispus Attucks Hotel Pennsylvania Philadelphia
David Bowie bought art supplies here. New York Woodstock
David Bowie bought records here - site of Bleeker Bob's (closed) New York New York
David Bowie exercised here. New York Woodstock
David Bowie liked breakfast here. New York New Yrok
David Bowie liked this bookstore. New York New York
David Bowie liked to buy books here. New York New York
David Bowie liked to eat here. New York New York
David Bowie lived here 1992-2002. New York New York
David Bowie Stayed Here; Abscam Sting Was Here Pennsylvania Philadelphia


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