Ghostbusters Building - 55 Central Park West

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55 Central Park West, aka Ghostbusters Building
55 Central Park West - #19-20
New York, NY 10023
United States
40° 46' 20.0496" N, 73° 58' 44.6196" W


This art deco building has a penthouse that has been owned by a few celebrities, and it is for sale for $35 million, according to the New York Times, 10/21/12, at p. RE MB 2. It is currently owned by Steve Gottlieb, owner of It had been owned twice by Calvin Klein, and also owned by Hello Dolly! composer Jerry Herman and record label magnate David Geffen. Christopher Reeve, playing Superman in the movies, flew from here. The above info is from the Times' article. Wikipedia mentions that it is known as the Ghostbusters building, because that 1984 film was shot here, and other notables who lived in the building include musician Rudy Valee, actess Ginger Rodgers, and fashion designer Donna Karan. {Update: this entry was originally titled "Superman flew from here." But the New York Times posted a correction on 11/4/12, at p. RE MB 2, that read "The Exclusive column of Oct. 21 [was incorrect regarding where] Superman lands on a terrace outside Lois Lane's apartment. The scene was shot at One Gracie Terrace on the Upper East Side - not at 55 Central Park West, as the owner of the duplex had stated."}

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