Little Pete's - Todd Rundgren Likes to Eat Here [& Site of Early Gay Protest]

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Little Pete's Restaurant
219 South 17th St. 17th & Chancellor Streets
Philadelphia, PA 19103
United States
39° 56' 57.3972" N, 75° 10' 8.5476" W


Todd Rundgren has scrapple and eggs here whenever he is in town, according to A.D. Amorosi's Philadelphia Inquirer column of 11/17/11.
[See comments regarding gay protest.]

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Thu, 06/07/2012 - 21:28


Today's Philadelphia Inquirer, at p. A1, has an article on how this restaurant could be demolished to build a boutique hotel. The owners and patrons are very upset, it says. The article lists celebrity patrons such as: Dustin Hoffman (steak and eggs), Dr. J (Julius Irving), Bruce Willis, Pete Sampras, Joey Bishop, and Todd Rundgren. Also, Mayor Nutter before he became mayor, philanthropist H.F. "Gerry" Lenfest and Comcast founder Ralph Roberts. And Joan Collins. The article says the Little Pete's spot had once been a Dewey's hamburger joint, which I believe was a chain called Dewey's Famous.

Donnell Rawlings was in a brawl here on 3/13/16. I saw the story on TMZ tonight, and found it online at [sorry, broke up URL to fit it - Ed.] 20160315_Video__Donnell_Rawlings_in_brawl_at_Little_Pete_s.html.

One of the first organized gay protests (some argue the first in America), the "Sit-In," when this was Dewey's Famous, occurred here on 4/25/65. This was mentioned in the Philadelphia Inquirer on 10/2/16, at p. C2 (an article about the Drum magazine). It is also appears in a few places on the Web, including

This place, which is now closed, unfortunately, was famous for its Texas Tommy hot dog sandwiches. See For origination of the Texas Tommy, see

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