Cheech & Chong/Muddy Waters concert at swim club here. (And Ike & Tina, others.)

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Green Woods Charter School
468 Domino Lane Roxborough Neighborhood, former site of Scuttlebutt Club
Philadelphia, PA 19128
United States
40° 2' 36.1608" N, 75° 14' 0.8196" W


A friend of mine years ago told me that he saw a blues legend Muddy Waters concert at a swim club in the Roxborough section of Philadelphia. I had forgotten about it until now, so I decided to look it up. It did indeed occur, with comedy legends Cheech & Chong on the bill as well, on August 5, 1973. Some places on the Web suggest that the swim club was a swimming pool night club at night. See,,, and
The newspaper listings and add in the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News in the days just before this Sunday night concert talk about how you can bring your swim trunks and swim during the concert, which is how my friend described it. See Cool idea!
See Comments, below, for more rock shows here.

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Sun, 11/19/2017 - 18:35


More on Scuttlebutt: Also, Ike & Tina Turner, with Billy Harner opening, on 7/22/73, see;, the latter confirming the Turner show, and saying the pool area was turned into a club/bar called Riverboat Cabana in 1975. The Stylistics were set to play on 8/19/73, but I have not confirmed they did,

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