The Police, Ramones, in Browns Mills, NJ

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Alexander's (Sunset Inn)
County Road 530
Browns Mills, NJ 08015
United States


Alexander's was a go-go bar near Fort Dix that started to hold concerts in the late seventies. Performers included Johnny Winter, and Lowell George three days before he died. I saw some great Johnny's Dance Band shows there. I had two other favorite shows: Police/Cramps/Fashion and Ramones/Romantics/Sylvain Sylvain.
If anyone has an exact address or knows what is there now, please comment below.

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The Police, Cramps, Fashion show was on 10/6/79, see

The Ramones played here, with The Werewolves opening, on 3/24/79. I covered the show as a reporter for the Drexel (University) Triangle, 3/30/79 edition. The Ramones played here again with the Romantics opening on on 6/23/ 79 (Triangle 6/29/79). My article does not mention it, but I have a memory of Sylvain Sylvain starting off the night, and a Web search supports my memory. I think a lot of people were just arriving during his set.

I see from his obituary on the Web that "Alexander" was Alexander "Butch" Lupinetti (1941-2010).

As I research on the Web, I'm beginning to think that Alexander's was in the building at 159 South Pemberton Road, Pemberton, NJ 08068. The Google pictures look something like how I remember it. It was later Cheeks, and then Bobby D's, both of which have closed. On the other hand, I remember a bigger parking lot, and a building sitting further back from the road. Further, I found directions from Philly on the Web, and Alexander's appears to be further east, see If you have better info on an address, please comment. BTW, a couple of ticket stubs have appeared on eBay: -and-

According to the NJ online corporate records, and auction notices, for ex.,, the owner of this establishment was Just Alexander's Sunset, Inc. I still have not found a definitive address. There may not have been dedicated addresses until more recently in this area.

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