Babe Ruth once lived at what is now center field at Camden Yards.

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Oriole Field at Camden Yards
333 West Camden St. Short Center Field
Baltimore, MD 21201
United States
39° 17' 2.6592" N, 76° 37' 12.7704" W


From an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer, 3/23/14, at Travel N1, N7: "One site that's just a memory lies about 20 paces into short center field at the ballpark, on the shortstop side of the field. This was the location of another of George Ruth Sr.'s taverns. Newlywed Babe lived there after the 1914 season. When the ballpark was being built in the early 1990s, architectural preservationists were called in. They knew where the building had been. They consulted with Babe's sister, who told them where the privies were located in relation to the house, and were able to recover some relics. 'Bottles, dished, nothing profound,' ... 'But you could tell there was a restaurant or a tavern there at one time.'"

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