Springsteen Photographed in this Ice Cream Shop - 1978

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Las Lomas Grocery (formerly Shellow's)
2315 Federal Street - between 23rd & 24th on Federal
Camden, NJ 08105
United States
39° 56' 45.942" N, 75° 5' 27.33" W


This grocery was once Shellow's, an ice cream shop and luncheonette. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band were photographed hanging out in Shellow's in 1978 by famed photographer, Frank Stefanko. See Stefanko's photo book, "Days of Hope and Dreams," and information on the location is available on a great Website, www.dvrbs.com. Also, Google Springsteen and Shellow's, as well as Shellow's and "Randy Alexander" (Alexander wrote a great article on all of this) for some glimpses of photos.

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Sun, 11/18/2012 - 21:00


At least one of the two photos on the 10th page of photographs in the middle of "Bruce," by Peter Ames Carlin, is from Shellows. The bottom one for sure, and the top one with the pinball machine looks like it could also be at Shellows. If you know for sure, please comment below.

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