Springsteen played at Satellite Lounge, Cookstown, NJ, despite new drummer and gas crisis.

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Satellite Lounge
79 Wrightstown-Cookstown Road
Cookstown, NJ 08511
United States
40° 2' 38.2668" N, 74° 34' 26.0652" W


Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band performed here on 2/23/74. It is well documented on the Web. The place has been closed for almost twenty years and is in bad shape. Perhaps it cannot be preserved.
The fabulous book, "Bruce," by Peter Ames Carlin, has an interesting account of the event on p. 177, and I paraphrase: Ernest "Boom" Carter had just become the new drummer after Springsteen fired Vini Lopez. Shows were cancelled to allow Carter time to practice with the band, but the owner of the Satellite refused to cancel, because he knew his show would be a moneymaker. Manager Mike Appel cited the gas crisis as a reason the band could not play. The owner said he'll take care of it, and the book describes some heavy coercion put on the band to play. With less than one week rehearsal for Carter, the show went off, and gas was delivered to the band afterward with an escort by a pair of state troopers.

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There is an interesting profile of this site at http://theweirdusmessageboard.yuku.com/topic/4295.

Mr. Springsteen gives an account of the concert here in his autobiography, "Born to Run," starting at p. 200.

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